Concealed Handgun License

CHL Information
Please call (713) 416-2796 for information regarding CHL.
---- For a faster response, text is best. A class may be running---
Must be at least 21 years old.
No Felony or Class A Misdemeanor Convictions.
No Class B Convictions in the past 5 years.
No Family Violence Convictions.

The state required 05 Hours for this is done every Wednesday.

Shoot Time on Thursday Morning 9a or 10 to 10:15 ish am.
There is no charge for the use of any of our many guns. You can choose the one you wish to
shoot .
This particular CHL instructor is one that I'm glad to have .
With others & I've had a few, I just about had to teach the class for them as mistakes from
the pulpit were gross enough to stop the class & straighten everyone out. On the PENAL-
CODE section,- OK, let's just say it's not up for debate.  It's what it is.
Mark presents it that way. The class goes smoothly, lower blood-pressures & fewer debates arise.
Your thinking perhaps, but does he have a since of humor? Yes as much as the best defensive driver Instructor I've proctored .  On as Important a topic as this,  you've got to keep a perspective & a clear head. For most people, humor helps us remember things.
    However,  too much of it can get in the way of the learning process .  
Mark has a sense for this and strategically places it as is useful for learning & remembering .
Mark has a wife & three children,  and has had job related experience. Mark is carving out a career path which, if I were 27 yrs. younger, I would feel threatened. Oops, Mark is going to read this. OK,  just carry on the torch kid.
For more information see the DPS website listed on our Links page.

Good luck with your new career And as always be safe